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For surface ships or submarines, we have proven experience of supplying ready-to-use parts from plans and technical specifications for sealing, shock absorption, sound insulation and protective purposes.

Our services help ensure complete discretion and the utmost security for your ships and crews.

In order to cope with the extreme requirements of these applications, Hannecard uses and develops special formulas to perform in marine environments under operating conditions, including:

  • Compounds resistant to temperatures higher than 250°C
  • Compounds which do not release toxic emissions in the event of fire and / or with high LOI index
  • EMC shield compounds (electromagnetic compatibility)

We have created test benches for validating the required properties. We also run digital simulations to validate the design. Some examples of our products and creations include:

  • Sealing: seals for hull plates, hatch seals, etc.
  • Shock absorption and sound insulation: insulating rings and shock-absorbing blocks, bulkhead crossings, deck flooring, etc.
  • Liquid transport: bellow, ventilation duct, etc.

The capabilities of our machinery and the expertise of our teams mean we can always find a solution to suit your requirements.


Do you need a custom-made solution or a quotation?


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