Extruded rubber profiles

We have more than 9,000 dies and we are always creating new ones. Thanks to our extruders we are able to offer our unique capabilities for the production of extruded profiles made from natural rubber, nitrile, EPDM, fluoro rubbers, silicons and many others.

Along with our expertise in compounds, our success in producing profiles also relies on our mastery of vulcanization. Thanks to the unique extrusion and vulcanization techniques we guarantee the best features and highest precision.

We offer solutions produced to our customers' plans and specifications:

  • Simple profiles (tubes, ropes, cords, strips)
  • Complex profiles with varied and/or functional shapes such as inflatable seals
  • Profiles from just a few mm² to more than 22,000 mm²
  • Straight seamless lengths of up to 33,000 mm
  • Hardness from 20 to 90 Shore A

In circumstances where there is a specific requirement to match a profile with a housing (such as corner blocks), we can offer our expertise in vulcanization bonding to achieve a perfect seal.

Our maximum dimensions:

extrusion dimensions


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