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About us


120 years of tradition

In 1896 Edouard Kalker set up the ‘Manufacture Générale de Caoutchouc et d'Ebonite‘ company in Les Lilas near Paris. The flagship product at that time was the bulb for the horns of the first automobiles. Notable dates in the growth of the business include the 1961 move to La Flèche in the Loire valley and the incorporation of the Hannecard group in 1997.

In the molding and extrusion sector, the purchases of Huber & Suhner (Switzerland - 2003), Ziegler (Bas-Rhin - 2004) and Manufacture Bordelaise de Caoutchouc (Gironde - 2009) have bolstered our product range and grown our skills set. Our production of technical elastomer parts is concentrated on these 4 sites. In addition, the presence of Hannecard in more than 20 countries is a very strong driver of our growth.

The demands of clients and markets have evolved and we always supply tailored solutions which are suitable for the most demanding cutting-edge sectors: defense, offshore, nuclear, specialist machine parts, etc. In each of these sectors we are passionate about identifying the challenges which arise by offering our expertise in the formulation of elastomers, the creation of tools and the final production in compliance with the specifications.

Our approach is based on a simple philosophy which can be summarized by 3 main principles:

Control of elastomers from A to Z

From the creation of the formula by our in-house laboratories, via the production of the compounds, to the extrusion of profiles and the molding of parts, we ensure constant control of the process and guarantee the traceability of our production processes.

A long-term approach

We always want to develop our solutions in close partnership with our customers in order to build a long-term relationship.

We have been working with some of them for more than 50 years and we are constantly adapting to the latest regulations such as REACH or the various local regulations regarding suitability for contact with food or treated products (drinking water, medical, vacuum, nuclear, etc.).

Identifying the technical challenges

We have more than 1,000 elastomer formulas and we are regularly developing new ones in order to better meet the evolving requirements of our customers. Among the many examples of challenges which we have faced, the one which has received the most media coverage is without doubt supplying seals for the third containment arch on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


At Hannecard, we offer elastomer solutions in sectors which are as diverse as they are demanding such as defense, the maritime industry, port and river infrastructures, the mining and extraction industries, renewable energy, nuclear, oil and gas, steelmaking, chemicals, specialist machinery, etc.


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