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Transport & infrastructure

For rail transport, cable transport, infrastructure (bridges and tunnels) and fairground attractions, we supply custom-made solutions based on plans and specifications for sealing, shock-absorption, sound insulation and protective purposes in order to improve the comfort and, above all, the safety of users.

We are able to cope with the levels of constraints imposed by these applications. A range of rubbers and polyurethanes already exists and is used across the world:

  • Compounds which meet standard EN 45455 (fire-smoke) for railway applications
  • Ozone, UV and severe weather resistance
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Insulation or electrical conductivity
  • Resistance to pressure, deformation and abrasion
  • Absorption of shocks, noise and vibrations

Our test benches help to validate the required properties. We also use digital simulation resources to assist with the design process.

Some examples of our products and creations include:

  • Shock-absorption: compensators for railway shock-absorbers, elastomer anti-resonance bearing for civil engineering structures (e.g. the Pont de Millau)
  • Protection: protective caps for railway rolling stock
  • Wheel bondages and polyurethane blocks for ski lifts or fairground attractions

The capabilities of our machinery and the expertise of our teams mean we can always find a solution to suit your requirements.


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