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In addition to the roller coatings which Hannecard produces for the industry, we also supply any type of elastomer part which may be required in these sectors. For each specific requirement, the expertise of our engineers and operators enables us to deliver solutions that function in the most diverse environments. Some examples include:

  • High temperature seals for ovens and autoclaves
  • Seals for chlorine cells in the chemicals industry
  • Pump tubes and membranes with metal inserts and kevlar reinforcement
  • Expandable seals for high-performance valves
  • Bellows and protective guards for the steelmaking industry
  • Reinforced fabric blankets for the metal printing industry
  • Protective seals and crusher gaskets in the mining/drilling industry
  • Guiding parts for weaving looms

Hannecard benefits from synergies between its various sectors to offer solutions with a particularly attractive cost/effectiveness ratio. The methods used in the coating of rollers are used to produce extruded or molded parts and vice-versa.

The capabilities of our machinery and the expertise of our teams mean we can always find a solution to suit your requirements.


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