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Ports and rivers

In order to ensure a perfect seal for dry docks, locks and to provide the best protection for your installation, Hannecard has developed a range of elastomers especially for these applications. This range of elastomers offers exceptional levels of performance in terms of:

  • Resistance to pressure, deformation and abrasion
  • Water and oil resistance
  • Ozone and UV resistance
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Resistance to the marine and/or river growth (flora and fauna)
  • Retention of properties over time

We have a range of more than 9,000 dies and molds for producing specific profiles for these applications:

  • Single or double J-seal with full or hollowed bulb
  • Omega
  • Angles
  • Corner blocks
  • Fender
  • And many others

We also have a proven track record of producing high-strength versions of polyurethane for protective parts (beams, plates and pads, etc.) with exceptional abrasion resistance.

We are proud to supply the biggest companies in this sector, both end users and OEM.

The capabilities of our machinery and the expertise of our teams mean we can always find a solution to suit your requirements.


Do you need a custom-made solution or a quotation?


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