Pièces Élastomères sur mesure

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About us

Providing you with more than 120 years of experience in the manufacture of molded and extruded elastomer components. We are experts in techniques for producing highly technical parts, using rubber and polyurethane.

From the choice of the elastomer, to the end product, via the creation and management of tools, our teams of technicians and engineers can offer you solutions tailored to match your specifications and dimensions and, above all, which meet your exact requirements. We have a proven track record in an array of different sectors and we handle each request as a unique project.

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Hannecard supplies elastomer parts for any type of industry. Thanks to our wealth of experience and our continuous innovation, you can be sure that you will always get the ideal solution.


120 years of traditionEdouard Kalker

In 1896 Edouard Kalker set up the ‘Manufacture Générale de Caoutchouc et d'Ebonite‘ company in Les Lilas near Paris. The flagship product at that time was the bulb for the horns of the first automobiles.

Notable dates in the growth of the business include the 1961 move to La Flèche in the Loire valley and the incorporation of the Hannecard group in 1997.


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